Monday, June 13, 2011

Unexpected Inspiration

Inspiration has come to me from the most unexpected place - a little rectangular, silver box in my fridge.

I love cooking and I love writing and so, like so many others, found this incredible intersection of the two in food blogging. But I let work and commitments and stress and commuting and the thousand little obligations of the day get in the way of this lovely artistic outlet.

Until the cream cheese called my name!

It has been a wonderful and crazy and fun turn of events that has reignited my love of all things foodie and reminded me that my food can have a life beyond my little kitchen and the lovely people I feed there (although that is simple joy to me in its own right). There is a whole community of other foodies out there to engage with, people to share ideas and recipes with, stories to write and so, so, so much to learn and be inspired by.

This crazy turn of events has been a contest I entered - - and to my sheer joy and amazement, been named a finalist in!

I am off to Toronto at the beginning of July for a cook off (seriously, a cook off!) and to meet the other 15 amazing women in the competition. I'll get to meet a long-time idol of mine, chef Anna Olsen, and cook in the Kraft Kitchens. Amazing!

Yes, that little silver box of PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese called my name, inspired me to create something new, and is opening up a whole new door for me. Thanks Philly!
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